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Most Popular Mexican Restaurants

Most Popular Mexican Restaurants

Bali is a paradise for travelers and food lovers alike. So, if you are both a traveler and a food lover, you will never regret your decision to vacation in Bali. You might be very confused when deciding which food or restaurant you should try because in Bali there are so many types of food available. What food do you like the most? Is it Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean, or maybe Mexican food? So, if you love Mexican food, you have to try these popular Mexican restaurants

1. Taco Casa

Taco Casa is one of the most famous Mexican restaurants in Bali which has 3 branches. It is located in Ubud, Seminyak and Canggu. So, you can choose the one closest to where you are staying. They serve the freshest ingredients to customers with promising delicious taste. In addition, they also wash all fruits and vegetables with purified air minerals and always store them in the refrigerator to ensure the quality, and freshness of the ingredients themselves. Plus, they use local and organic ingredients to ensure you get the best experience when tasting Mexican food here.

2. Taco Beach Grill

Another Mexican restaurant located in Seminyak is Taco Beach Grill. Are you a taco lover? Well, you should come here because the tacos they provide vary from fish tacos, roast pork tacos, and vegetarian tacos for those of you who are on a diet. It’s not just about tacos, you can also try quesadillas or burritos made with quality fresh meat from the smokehouse.

3. Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana

Are you looking for another Mexican restaurant? Lacalaca is a good choice because you can find the perfect combination of a comfortable restaurant atmosphere and also delicious food. They serve tacos, quesadillas, margaritas, and churros. Apart from that, there is a 50% discount every Tuesday which you can find here. Very interesting isn’t it?

4. Don Juan Mexican Restaurant and Bar

Don Juan Restaurant is located in Kuta which is very strategic for you to find. You can enjoy a rustic atmosphere with bright colors and creative art in the restaurant created by the Balinese themselves. They have 2 floors you can choose from with different themes. The first floor has views of Bemo Corner and the seating area along the street side, while the second floor has a more formal and antique atmosphere. If you enjoy the atmosphere here, you can try street tacos, tostada, quesadillas, nachos, and also burritos.

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