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Types of Sports that Can Be Done

Types of Sports that Can Be Done

There are various types of exercise that you can do to optimize physical and mental health. Come on, take a look at the various types of sports that you can do, both individually and in groups, below.


Badminton is a fun type of sport. Therefore, badminton is popular with many people.

This sport can be played with a minimum of two people or teams. Apart from that, there are many benefits that you can experience by playing badminton regularly, such as:

Increases muscle strength, especially the hands and feet.
Increase speed.
Reduces the risk of heart problems.
Reduces the risk of diabetes.
Prevent obesity.
Increases focus on certain movements.


Swimming can be done by anyone, including children and the elderly. In fact, even pregnant women can do this sport because the risk of causing injury or pregnancy problems is very small.

Apart from being fun, swimming is a type of sport that can help you move all your body parts, from your hands to your feet.

This sport also has many benefits for physical and mental health, such as:

Maintain heart health.
Increase muscle strength.
Helps you control your weight.
Improve body posture.
Reduce stress.
Increases body flexibility.
Make sure you understand swimming techniques well to avoid various injuries or accidents while swimming. Apart from that, you also need to warm up before entering the water.


Football is not just a sport that can be played by men. This type of sport can be played by anyone, including women. In fact, even children can do this sport.

Football can be a healthy and fun type of sport. There are various benefits that can be felt when you play soccer regularly, such as:

Improves heart health.
Increases body movement and flexibility.
Increases muscle and bone strength.
Increase speed.
Improve focus and concentration abilities.
To avoid sports-related injuries, make sure you warm up before playing soccer. Use shoes that are suitable for this sport and make sure you wear comfortable clothes.


Generally, basketball is played by five people in one team. Each game will be played by two teams. However, you can also play one on one or three on three in basketball games. Want to know more about basic basketball techniques? Read more in the article 5 Basic Techniques and Benefits of Basketball.

There are various benefits that you can experience when playing basketball regularly, such as:

Improves movement ability.
Increase speed.
Increases bone and muscle strength.
Makes body balance and coordination more optimal.
Improves heart health.
Helps increase self-confidence.
Reduce stress.
Improve social skills.
Those are the benefits of playing basketball for physical and mental health.


Yoga is a type of exercise that is considered capable of improving physical and mental health. This sport can also be done by anyone, from men to women. There are various benefits of yoga that you can feel, such as:

Increases body flexibility.
Increases muscle and bone strength.
Improve metabolic balance.
Improves the body’s balance ability.
Helps manage stress well.
Increase self-confidence.
Reduces health complaints, such as headaches and difficulty concentrating.
Overcoming sleep disorders.
Makes the mind calmer.
Apart from yoga, there are other types of exercise that can be done at home. Come on, read in full in the starrs mill tfxc article Types of Cardio Exercise that can be done at home.

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