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These are the three different types of housing in Indonesia

These are the three different types of housing in Indonesia

There are three popular housing styles developing in Indonesia, including Town Houses, Clusters and Kuldesaks. This style difference, of course, also includes changing the style and style of the house offered. Even though there are fundamental differences, residents are often confused about the three designs. The reason is, the developers just take advantage of the name without ignoring the terms that distinguish the three. So as not to be fooled, this is info regarding the differences between Town Houses, Clusters and Kuldesak recommendations site ashleyvillage.

1. Town Houses

In countries like Europe and America, this style is popular and is widely used for rows of houses that are attached and have the same style (coupling). For this reason, Town Houses are often known as horizontal apartments.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, town houses are usually located in the city center with a similar shape and style. Public and social facilities are also usually owned by housing titled this Town House. Interestingly, the number of units for the Town House is not that many.

2. Clusters

A cluster is a housing complex that is divided into several sub-complexes, for example housing of the Union cluster type, has sub-complexes A, B, C, and so on. With the same house style, the sub-complex has its own facilities. And of course in the cluster there are also common facilities that can be used by all residents.

Because it is a fairly large scale housing, of course clusters have a relatively large number of units. It can even reach hundreds of houses with only one or two gates.

3. Culdesak

Wider and bigger than clusters, kuldesaks have varieties and variations of house styles. The facilities provided are usually able to be used freely by all residents. With a fairly unique type of architecture, kuldesak tends to be more elite than the other two housing styles.

It’s just that, because it is often inhabited by the bourgeoisie, this housing tends to be quiet. However, it has a fence and a tighter security system.

Those are some of the styles of houses that you should know about. If you are looking for the right residence for you, then decide according to your needs and current financial condition. Don’t push the application too hard but don’t pay attention to the financial conditions that cause you to have to deal with sizable debt.

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