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Feeling Thai massage


I went to Thailand recently and stayed in Chiang Mai for 3 days, mainly for relax and shopping. Also there was another major activity—chanting with my friends who went there too. But the most impressive activity was the Thai massage that we took.

Massage shops in Chiang Mai has a famous organization called Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution. It was built by Naowarat Thanasrisutharat, former Director of Chiang Mai Women’s Prison (2001 – 2008), to help support the lives of newly released inmates in society.

There are two types of shops: first one is opened around 8 am to 4 pm which is quite a short time since the employees are all from Chiang Mai Women’s Prison and they need to go back to prison in the evening; the second one is called Lila massage spa which the employees there are all former inmates, and the shops are more commercial and have a longer working time till 10pm. Lila massage spa has many branches in Chiang Mai and the business is quite good. In the shops, all I feel is comfortable and I even don’t know the background before I search on the Internet. It is a great idea to let inmates and former inmates to gain equal work opportunities without discrimination.

We booked the second type massage from the Internet, and the details of massage service could also be confirmed and payment was finished on line. Normally we need to book one day in advance.

We went to the shop from map guidance and checked in on time. Then we didn’t need to wait. If just dropping by, the waiting time would be very long according to the customer flow. I don’t recommend that.

When we came into the shop, we need to take off our shoes. It was a tremendous experience that socks were not needed there. The floor was a bit cold so we quickly found somewhere to sit. Then we can hold up our feet and they would not feel cold. Walking barely on foot was a special feeling and we could feel the floor more sensitively. At home we don’t have that chance. So in Thailand we enjoyed it and as if we were more down-to-earth.

The massage package we chose was coconut oil massage. A friend and I chose the same one. In the Lila shop also two customers were in a room with two masseuses. It was interesting that my friend and I chanted in Chinese and the two masseuses chanted in Thai. We all chanted happily.

My masseuse could speak English well and the service was quite good. In the beginning, she adjusted the room temperature and brought herb tea for us. At my request, she used light strength so that I felt not too hurt. The first step was using body scrub to remove dead skin. Since my dead skin was a lot, the masseuse played a joke with me by repeating “Sipi” all the time.

Then I took a shower to wash off the dead skin, the oil massage began. The smell of coconut oil was quite nice, a bit feeling like food and not too cloying. My masseuse kept gentle and wow, I felt quite comfortable.

In the middle break, when my friend was taking a shower. My masseuse asked me to do her a favor. “Could you teach me four Chinese words?” “Sure. What do you want to learn?”출장안마

She pointed some articles that in the room, like a box of tissue and so on. When I said one word in Chinese, she would write down the pronunciation in Thai just like what we did in learning a foreign language. She told me that every day she would like to remember four Chinese words in order to communicate with Chinese customers better. I thought she was a spanker. No wonder her English was so good. She was that kind of person that loved whatever job one took up.

So the experience in Chiang Mai was quite relaxed and comfortable, especially the Thai massage and the spirit of my masseuse.

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