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Adorable Dogs From Japan: Japanese Dog Breeds

Adorable Dogs From Japan: Japanese Dog Breeds

In the Chinese calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog, so let’s take a look at the Japanese dog breeds. In Japanese, dog is written with the kanji character 犬, which is read as „inu” or „ken”, and how to read the kanji character varies depending on the word in front of it. Only 6 types of Japanese dogs are considered native breeds from Japan: from Northern to Southern Japan, these dogs are Hokkaido Ken, Akita Inu, Kai Ken, Kishu Inu, Shikoku Inu, and Shiba Inu.

Hokkaido Ken

Softbank’s commercial made this dog famous! Also known as Ainuken, the Ainu are an indigenous tribe of Japan. With thick fur and cute expressions, this dog is very kind and adorable!

Akita Inu

Compared to other Japanese dog breeds, the Akita Inu has a larger body. The Akita Inu’s coat is light brown and white, and this dog is very strong and loyal. Hachiko is an Akita Inu type dog, and you can find a statue of this loyal dog at Shibuya Station. This dog also appeared alongside Richard Gere in the emotional film Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale.

Kai Ken

Hailing from Yamanashi Prefecture, this dog has dark brown fur, which looks like tiger stripes, which serves as a camouflage tool when hunting in the forest. Trained as a military dog, this dog is obedient but fierce.

Kishu Inu

Originating from Wakayama Prefecture, the Kishu Inu is a dog with dense white fur, medium body size, and triangular ears. Although not large, Kishu Inu is known to be feared by wild boars, and is also well-behaved.

Shikoku Inu

Originating from Kochi Prefecture in the Shikoku area, this dog looks like a wolf. Quite aggressive, this dog is very brave and active. Likes to run, this dog often chases wild boars in Shikoku just for fun!

Shiba Inu

The most famous Japanese dog breeds. Shiba Inu is the smallest Japanese breed of dog. Smart, brave, loyal and active, this dog was born to hunt! Shiba Inu are also quite expressive, check out the facial expressions they can make and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by click here

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